The carpet weavers from Santiago del Estero

"We are a small group of weavers in the heart of the dry forest. Here, where the sun pierces the landscapes and the sky freezes in its intense blue, the carpets have rich hues that make them unique." 

Nancy, Speaker and Organiser of the Weavers

Santiago del Estero is arguably Argentina's poorest province and has gained a sad notoriety in the country for the ongoing corruption of the local ruling elite and their exploitation of the Indian tribes.

The region offers travellers largely untouched nature and insights into cultures that they would not think possible in Buenos Aires. The Argentine Chaco in the north of the country is a vast, flat savannah landscape with dry thorn bush forests. Many people still live here largely cut off from civilisation and in their traditional ways of life. 

The wisdom of the ancestors is still intact and alive here and lovingly carried on in the craft traditions. Our carpets are hand-woven by a small community of master weavers using ancient techniques. The women's weaving initiative creates better living conditions in their local environment, promotes their rootedness and strengthens their cultural identity. They are unique textiles and it takes between 4 and 6 weeks to make a rug depending on the size and complexity. 

Each rug is made from pure, hand-spun sheep's wool. The entire process, from shearing the sheep, takes place within the same community. From sourcing the wool locally, to cleaning, spinning and dyeing by hand, to weaving, the women master every part of the process. Every step is done with the utmost care and respect for the material.

The carpets are woven in the traditional way, with the looms used usually being as wide as the arm span of the weaver. Depending on the width of the loom, the carpet may have a discrete joint where the carpet panels are joined together, which is a beautiful element of handwork. 

The weavers use designs and colourways that only exist in Argentina and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The colours are inspired by the dry, sun-baked forests and desert landscapes. From creamy white to honey colours to terracotta, a mix of shades gives these textiles an organic, elegant charm. Each piece is woven from raw and unique yarn that features gentle, natural variations, adding another dimension to the rugs.