About Us

We are Wiebke and John, the founders of By Native.

Our name By Native stands for a collective of people who bring our collections to life across continents and cultures with a spirit of discovery, creativity and craftsmanship.

Everything we curate is handmade and produced in collaboration with our network of world-class artisans.

We strive to inspire a sustainable home that brings joy and reflects the spirit, passions and tastes of its inhabitants. With interior products that put people and our planet first.

Our interior products are made from the finest natural materials and combine modern design with traditional craftsmanship. All our products have their own story. It's a story with exceptional know-how and cultural heritage.

We hope that our stories will become a part of your story and that our products will fill your everyday life with joy and enrich your home.

What sets us apart

Using design to effect change

We believe in great design, both around the corner and around the globe. For us, design is the key to making a difference. For the planet, our partners and you.

We strengthen small businesses and communities through exchange, development and collaboration. By combining
traditional craft techniques with new design ideas, we give artisans access to a global market that was previously closed to them. Our artisans are part of our extended global family. Their ability to care for themselves and their communities will always be our top priority.

Our products are characterized by a strong vision of timeless design that gives long-lasting pleasure. Nature is our strongest source of inspiration. We work exclusively with sustainable materials and let the genuine character and authentic textures speak for themselves.

Sense above mass

...and slow instead of fast:

We believe in slow design and we love the idea of limited editions and small series that will ideally be cherished for a lifetime.

We work with artisans from all over the world to preserve and protect traditional craftsmanship. The majority of our goods are made entirely by hand. With care and time, in small collectives and artisan workshops.

The details and character of each item are handcrafted to create a unique piece with its own story.

The natural, sustainable materials for our products come from the immediate surroundings of our partners. Their processing is often a long and complex process, rooted in tradition and untouched by modern technology. We value this ancient knowledge and hope that we can help keep it alive.

Weavers Huancavelica Peru

People first

We believe that objects are only as beautiful as the circumstances in which they are created.

That's why we guarantee quality - not only in the products we make, but also in the lives of the artisans we work with. We work closely with social projects and small manufactures to ensure that every person involved in the production process of our goods is treated with respect, works in a safe environment and receives a fair wage. Fair trade ensures people's dignity and helps women and men become role models for their communities.

For us, working ethically also means that the artisans can work in their own environment. Almost all of our products are created in the midst of rural village life. By working at home, the artisans help to preserve their culture, their own heritage, the art of craftsmanship and, above all, their communities.

Everything we own has a story.

Wouldn't it be nice to know where our objects come from and who made them?

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