Hilanderia Warmi

"We all weave a dream. To live in dignity from our work".  

Rosario Quispe, Warmi Sayasunko 

The weavers of the Puna belong to the indigenous communities in northern Argentina. The people of the Puna have their own culture and beliefs, which closely link them to Pachamama, the "Mother Earth". Their customs are ancient and come from a different time. They are mindful and deeply influenced by the ways of nature. They weave because they have always done it - it is part of their daily life, along with other activities such as caring for their llamas and sheep. 

Our partner, the spinning and weaving community Warmi, not only looks back on a proud history of almost 100 years, but also stands firmly with both feet in the modern world as a social enterprise and Certified B Company®. Their innovative model unites a diversity of people and communities under one, respectful and equal roof. In this way, indigenous traditions and weaving techniques are preserved, and the socio-economic development of the Argentine Puna and the sustainable use of the region's llamas and sheep are promoted.

Currently, some 600 producers of llama and sheep wool scattered across the vast expanses of the mountains supply the raw material, which is processed in the spinning mill and painstakingly sorted by hand according to the llamas' natural colours.  

The processed wool is then taken to the weaving mill, where the llama blankets are made in a semi-artisanal way, because the final processing is always done by hand. The result is a product made of 100% natural fibres that not only gives a lifetime of pleasure, but can be passed down from generation to generation. 

The profits from the textiles sold are managed by the Warmis in a communal fund and used by the community (more than 3,000 families) for microcredit, health and resource management, handicraft and education projects. 

"Warmi stands for perseverance, creativity and the desire to make the world a better place," says Rosario Quispe, founder of the Warmi Cooperative. "Through our fibres, the mystery, silence and depth of Argentina's Puna materialises in this modern world."