Nagaland weavers

"I am so happy that our women artisans can work in their homeland. We have 16 main tribes and several sub-tribes. Each tribe has specific textiles and meanings associated with them. They are symbols of identity. They connect our past, present and future".

Jesmina, founder of the Weavers' Initiative

Nagaland is a state on the north-eastern tip of India, bordering Myanmar. Scattered across miles of remote, misty mountain peaks, hundreds of tribal women literally weave on their own backs. Simple loin looms are tied around their waists, and their outstretched legs create the tension needed to weave the textiles. It is a tradition that has been perfected over centuries.  

The Nagas have a deep respect for nature and have lived off their land in a sustainable way for centuries. The geometric, traditional and at the same time completely contemporary shapes of the Naga weavings show the affiliation to one of the 16 hill tribes in distinctive patterns and motifs.   

Our everlasting passion for India's incredible history, its vibrancy and some of the world's most inspiring people continues in our Nagaland collection. They are intricately handcrafted by the Naga women. Innovating existing Naga textiles for an urban interior style not only preserves the cultural heritage of the Nagas, but also the village communities. The women work in their own homes and at their own pace. 

We are convinced that by doing so, we are not only curbing migration and promoting a circular economy. We are helping women to continue their traditional heritage by providing them with employment on their doorstep and a secure, fair income.