Brooklyn Candle Studio

"We like to think of our products as an experience for all the senses - from the artful, minimal packaging to the warm candlelight and delicate aromas that fill a room. So, go ahead, light one."  

Founder Tamara Mayne

In the 2,000-square-metre workshop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, a centre for design, art and innovative start-ups, there is a peaceful, almost meditative atmosphere, which is underlined by the wonderful scent in the studio.

Here, founder Tamara and her team of twelve make candles with dreamy scents and beautiful, minimalist designs from the best ingredients. Each candle is lovingly and carefully hand-finished in the studio with lead-free cotton wicks, poured from soy wax and labelled. Petroleum, phthalate and animal testing free and 100% vegan. 

Tamara is a designer and fragrance fanatic. She studied art and business before moving to New York City to work in the fashion industry. She got the idea to start a business after she made candles herself at home for her family and friends and they immediately wanted to order more from her. She was so fascinated by fragrance and candle making that she eventually started her small business.

Tamara's fragrance compositions are inspired by nature, travel and sentimental memories. We can see and especially smell the high quality of the candles when they burn cleanly: 

The hand-selected aromatic oils provide a soft, sophisticated and natural room scent that never becomes intrusive and yet is always present. The organic, aromatic scents of their candles ground us where we are and bring us back to the important things in life.

Brooklyn Candle Studio not only convinces us with its luxurious scented candles, but also with its sustainable approach: the environmentally conscious company relies entirely on recyclable packaging. The pretty jars of the candles can be given a new lease of life even after they have burned down, for example as storage for pens or cosmetics.

And whether floral, fresh, earthy or even tart fragrances - there is something for every taste in these wonderful candles.