Weavers of the Quebrada de Humahuaca

"We started with a very small group and now we are over 25 weavers. Behind every unique woven piece there is a person, a community and our culture that connects sustainable processes."   

Florencia, Speaker and Organiser of the Weavers' Community

The road north, towards southern Bolivia, winds through the surreal colours of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, past huge, three-pronged Cardón cacti. Geological phenomena such as colourful mountains, bizarre rock formations and deep canyons create a rugged but beautiful landscape that is ideal for a road trip.  

Off the highway, the asphalt turns into rutted earth and leads us to small settlements where the daily rituals of the farmers and shepherds in the highlands of the Puna continue as they have for a hundred years. Here, completely secluded from modern technology, our Salta collection is created.

Our partners, indigenous weavers from small communities, are incredibly talented women. They maintain traditions that have been passed down through generations. Weaving is their way of supporting their families and improving their standard of living.

Our weavers work with 100% raw new wool from their community. The fleece is first selected and washed. Then the fibres are spun by hand, with the yarn being twisted and made into a two-threaded yarn.This is followed by the elaborate dyeing and drying process. 

For this, our weavers use purely natural pigments from collected plants, roots and ash. 

Finally, they weave the hand-dyed yarns on their self-made weaving frames in front of their houses. There, in the shade of trees, they can continue to supervise their children.

Our Salta collection consists of products that have been created with care and time, by hand, by a small community of women. The authentic textures are the result of this deeply traditional production. We are happy to be able to support these talented weavers in a sustainable and fair way.